What is your IQ level?

What is your IQ level?

No!  IQ doesn’t stand for Intelligence Quotient, it stands for your “I Quit” level.  So now re-read the question.  What is your I quit level?  

I was asked this question today about my business from someone who has been through more struggles and more challenges in his life then I would ever wish upon anyone.  It hit me hard when he asked.  I felt all the pain and all the guilt come rushing in thinking about the times that I just simply quit something because it was easier to quit and stop caring then to push through the hard times and persevere.   

It is our internal fight or flight that comes to play here.  We all have it.  We all use it.  I would venture to guess that somewhere around 85% of people choose flight over fight everyday.  We are programmed to run away from things that are hard.  It isn’t you or your upbringing.  It is literally in your DNA.  It is embedded into us to choose the easier route because doing things that are hard is SCARY!!  When things are scary or hard we quit.  It is really that simple.  But what people don’t know is that when they do push through their fears and doubts, that there is something so special on the other side.  

I have quit many times in the past.  I know what it feels like to give up and stop caring.  To bury your emotions because burying them is easier then facing them.  I know this all to well and I know that all of you reading this can relate.  We all do it and that is OK.  It is when we recognize that we do that change is possible.  Here is my story. 

I was 16 months postpartum when I realized I had quit on myself.  I was overweight and had hit rock bottom.  I was convincing myself that I was a mom and mom weight is normal.  That the state that I was in was where I was going to remain.  I was internalizing pain, guilt and stress of feeling out of control and tired.  I had simply quit on myself and put all of my focus on my family and in turn had feelings of resentment toward them.  You all it was BAD.  I was not happy.  I was depressed and sad all the time.  I was emotional and resentful toward my kids because they now took up all my time.  YES, I sincerely resented my boys at least once a day. 

I fantasized about being alone (let’s be honest I still do. LOL).  I fantasized about what my husband and I would be doing if we didn’t have kids.  I thought about all the things I wanted to accomplish and convinced myself that it would NEVER happen.  I was choosing flight and accepting my current state, convincing myself that it wouldn’t change instead of choosing to fight for myself.  Then something incredible happened.  I sat alone in my closet crying and got ANGRY, like REALY ANGRY at for not taking care of myself.  That is when everything changed. 

I decide to fight!  I decided that I needed to start putting myself first.  I decided that QUITTING was not in my vocabulary.  I joined an accountability group and I have NEVER looked back.  I found the support that I needed.  I found the adult interaction I was craving.  I found myself cooking again, which in turn made my husband happy too.  I found that working out in the mornings before my boys woke up, made me a better mom throughout the day.  I had finally put myself first again.  I found a balance without the resentment.  I did it for me so that I could be everything for my family the rest of the day.  I found a community of positivity and support and somewhere along the journey I found myself again.  

So when asked what my IQ level is the answer is simple, ZERO!  I don’t quit, because that would mean that I have not only quit on myself, but on my family, my friends and my challengers.  This is so much more then just working out.  It is about the internal work.  The personal development, the goals I set, the family that I have formed, the community that I work with and the lives that I have helped change.  If I quit coaching then I have simply given up on myself.  Coaching has taught me more about my strengths and perseverance then any other job I’ve had.  I am the healthiest I have ever been.  I am in the best shape of my life and I continue to find a respect for myself and my body that I have NEVER had before.  To quit coaching would mean I quit on myself and I will never so that again.  I have so much to learn and I have only scratched the surface.  I am capable of so much more then any limiting belief that I've had in the past.  So the next time you are faced with something hard, ask yourself one simple question, "what is your I quit level?" and see how it feels.  If it is scary or makes you feel like you want to run, GOOD, but run toward that opportunity and dive in with all you have!