What Drives You?

Who are you?  No, really, who have you become over the years?  How would you define yourself? What is your purpose?  What drives you?  

If you were to ask me these questions two years ago, or heck even a year ago, I would have given you the generic answers...I'm a wife, a mom, a daughter...etc... My purpose is to make my family happy.  To ensure their well being and take care of them.  I am driven knowing that I am a good mom and wife.  Blah, blah blah...   No, really, blah, blah blah...  These are generic answers.  They are what you think everyone wants to hear.  When someone asks you this do you grin from ear to ear and say "I'm a mom!"  Well you are hopefully smiling but somewhere inside of you, you wish you could have said I'm a CEO or a doctor or a painter or singer or whatever that thing is that you loved to do, but gave up to become a mom.

Now for the fun part...you can!  It is all about your mindset.  It is all in how you look at what your life is and bing proud of the who you have become.  Why can't you be the CEO of (insert your last name) enterprises?  A private in home pediatrician?  A finger paint guru.  The nightingale of nursery rhymes.  Make it sound official, make it sound important because it is!  You are the most important thing to your immediate family.  You make the house hold decisions, you set the schedules, make their lunches/dinners, you run the errands and clean the house.  YOU are the CEO of your home so you are entitled to describe yourself that way.  By changing your mindset and allowing yourself to see that what you do is important, it serves a purpose, and that you aren't just going through the motions, will allow yourself to enjoy the every day activities a little more.  Plus, why not let others think you are crazy and spread the crazy to others.  Life is just much more fun that way.  

Something else that is so important, is to never loose yourself.  Being a mom can consume every ounce of us emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically.  We spend our days making sure that everyone around us is happy, that we forget to have fun ourselves.  Why do we do this?  Why do we think that we aren't allowed to do the things we love anymore?  If you have the answer to this I would love to know:)

So today write down the one thing you wish you never gave up and wish you would do again.  Show it to your husband, your kids, your best friends and then set up a date to do it!!  Life is too short for regrets, make sure others know what makes you happy too.