Earn Your Results

Earn your results.  Such simple words, a rule that we all live by that we have been taught since we were children.  Wow, for some reason this really hit home for me today.  I was working out and my trainer (in my video) said don’t stop now, earn your results!  I have done this workout probably 8 times now and for some reason these words resonated with me more this morning then ever before.  Why?  Because I have earned these results!!  I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and pushed through limiting beliefs to earn the strength, confidence and energy that I have gained.  I have made small changes to my everyday routine in order to learn how to live a healthy well balanced life.  I have sincerely never been more proud of myself for doing this.  

This may sound so silly and stupid but how many of you have taken the easy way out of something?  How many of you have tried wrapping yourself in cellophane?  Bought crazy contraptions off the internet that promised to slim, tone and shrink your thighs, belly, waist?   Who has tried shakes and pills that are filled with artificial substances to help burn fat and build muscle?  Who has ever eliminated foods from their diet because society says that is what you should do?  Because it is the new Hollywood diet and the famous are all trying it?  Who purchased a gym membership in the beginning of the year only to use it for 1-2 months and complain that they can’t get out of the contract?  

ME, I HAVE!!!  I have done all the above.  I have purchased countless contraptions from infomercials, I have tried the wraps, the creams, the pills the juices.  I have gone dairy free and no carbs.  I have joined countless gyms.  The problem with all of this is it is not a lifestyle that you can maintain.  It is not a lifestyle that allows freedom.  It is not a lifestyle that provides support from others.  Most who try these will see some results but how do you maintain it?  Do you continue to have to purchase wraps, lotions, juices and pills?  Do you have to say no to the bread and pizza every time it is offered?  Do you eventually turn to a trainer and pay out the rear to hold yourself accountable?  No!  Of course you don’t.  You shouldn’t have to do that!  

As a mom I can look back on my life and recall all the times I cheated and lied to myself and others as I tried to take the easy way out.   We all did it.  But now, as a mom, I hear myself telling my boys that if they work hard, practice and keep trying that they will succeed.  I hear myself telling them that if they fall to get back up.  I tell them that loosing is a way to learn how to do better the next time.  I tell them that if they want to be better at something they have to stay consistent and practice.  These words have come out of my mouth.  I know that if you have kids you have said this too.  So why?  Why are we not setting the same example?  Why are we taking the easy way and not earning the results that we want to see?  

A fellow coach of mine has a challenger who has lost over 100 lbs!!  She went in for her annual doctors appointment and the nurse asked if she had gastric bypass surgery.  :(  This breaks my heart that society assumes that this is what we have to turn to.  That it isn’t feasible to loose that much weight without a medical procedure.  Well the proof is standing before you and offering you a life a freedom, a life without sacrifice and a life that can be maintained and EARNED!  

It isn’t always easy, but it is ALWAYS WORTH IT when the results speak for themselves.