What is your IQ level?

What is your IQ level?

No!  IQ doesn’t stand for Intelligence Quotient, it stands for your “I Quit” level.  So now re-read the question.  What is your I quit level?  

I was asked this question today about my business from someone who has been through more struggles and more challenges in his life then I would ever wish upon anyone.  It hit me hard when he asked.  I felt all the pain and all the guilt come rushing in thinking about the times that I just simply quit something because it was easier to quit and stop caring then to push through the hard times and persevere.   

It is our internal fight or flight that comes to play here.  We all have it.  We all use it.  I would venture to guess that somewhere around 85% of people choose flight over fight everyday.  We are programmed to run away from things that are hard.  It isn’t you or your upbringing.  It is literally in your DNA.  It is embedded into us to choose the easier route because doing things that are hard is SCARY!!  When things are scary or hard we quit.  It is really that simple.  But what people don’t know is that when they do push through their fears and doubts, that there is something so special on the other side.  

I have quit many times in the past.  I know what it feels like to give up and stop caring.  To bury your emotions because burying them is easier then facing them.  I know this all to well and I know that all of you reading this can relate.  We all do it and that is OK.  It is when we recognize that we do that change is possible.  Here is my story. 

I was 16 months postpartum when I realized I had quit on myself.  I was overweight and had hit rock bottom.  I was convincing myself that I was a mom and mom weight is normal.  That the state that I was in was where I was going to remain.  I was internalizing pain, guilt and stress of feeling out of control and tired.  I had simply quit on myself and put all of my focus on my family and in turn had feelings of resentment toward them.  You all it was BAD.  I was not happy.  I was depressed and sad all the time.  I was emotional and resentful toward my kids because they now took up all my time.  YES, I sincerely resented my boys at least once a day. 

I fantasized about being alone (let’s be honest I still do. LOL).  I fantasized about what my husband and I would be doing if we didn’t have kids.  I thought about all the things I wanted to accomplish and convinced myself that it would NEVER happen.  I was choosing flight and accepting my current state, convincing myself that it wouldn’t change instead of choosing to fight for myself.  Then something incredible happened.  I sat alone in my closet crying and got ANGRY, like REALY ANGRY at for not taking care of myself.  That is when everything changed. 

I decide to fight!  I decided that I needed to start putting myself first.  I decided that QUITTING was not in my vocabulary.  I joined an accountability group and I have NEVER looked back.  I found the support that I needed.  I found the adult interaction I was craving.  I found myself cooking again, which in turn made my husband happy too.  I found that working out in the mornings before my boys woke up, made me a better mom throughout the day.  I had finally put myself first again.  I found a balance without the resentment.  I did it for me so that I could be everything for my family the rest of the day.  I found a community of positivity and support and somewhere along the journey I found myself again.  

So when asked what my IQ level is the answer is simple, ZERO!  I don’t quit, because that would mean that I have not only quit on myself, but on my family, my friends and my challengers.  This is so much more then just working out.  It is about the internal work.  The personal development, the goals I set, the family that I have formed, the community that I work with and the lives that I have helped change.  If I quit coaching then I have simply given up on myself.  Coaching has taught me more about my strengths and perseverance then any other job I’ve had.  I am the healthiest I have ever been.  I am in the best shape of my life and I continue to find a respect for myself and my body that I have NEVER had before.  To quit coaching would mean I quit on myself and I will never so that again.  I have so much to learn and I have only scratched the surface.  I am capable of so much more then any limiting belief that I've had in the past.  So the next time you are faced with something hard, ask yourself one simple question, "what is your I quit level?" and see how it feels.  If it is scary or makes you feel like you want to run, GOOD, but run toward that opportunity and dive in with all you have! 



Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!

There is one simple solution to all health and fitness goals and that is making a plan.  Having something scheduled, mapped out and a goal that is not just another wish, but a goal with a PLAN!!  

That was the missing link for me before I started this journey.  I was going to the gym, I tried wrapping myself (yup, cellophane and all), I tried the juice cleanses, I bought countless contraptions to guarantee 6 pack abs and at home workout videos.  I tried whole 30 and the atkins diet.  Although I may have had some success with some of these, I never held my results.  

The problem was that I was on my own.  I didn’t have a coach or an accountability group to help motivate me and encourage me to reach my goals.  I didn’t have a simple nutrition plan that allowed me to EAT and not eliminate the foods that I love.  I didn’t have a community of like minded who were all on a journey of their own to check in with daily.  THIS was the missing link to reaching my goals and maintain them over time.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, because I want to share my journey and all of it.  I did a very simple meal prep this week and I wanted to share my grocery list, recipes and my plan with you so that you too can see just how easy it is to do this.  I also want you to see that I EAT, I EAT A LOT and that my friends is not a diet, it’s a way of life!

Here is my grocery list for this week:       

Grocery List

* I purchased all of this for $87.98 and if you add in my shakes at $4 a day you are looking at $107.98 to eat 5 small meals a day for 5 full days!  That is HUGE.   

Weekly Meal Plan for 1,200-1,499 calorie range.  


I love being able to share this with you and I love even more being able to do this one on one with my challengers.  My challenge groups are so much more then just workouts.  They are an education in healthy nutrition that can be sustained over time and not just a fad.  It's about making small changes to help you reach your goals instead of making HUGE changes that seam overwhelming.  It is a continuous journey not a destination.  

I would love to help you start your own journey to maintain a life worth living not live a life you have to maintain!  Join my next group.  Fill out the Join My Challenge Form at the bottom of this page :)  

What Drives You?

Who are you?  No, really, who have you become over the years?  How would you define yourself? What is your purpose?  What drives you?  

If you were to ask me these questions two years ago, or heck even a year ago, I would have given you the generic answers...I'm a wife, a mom, a daughter...etc... My purpose is to make my family happy.  To ensure their well being and take care of them.  I am driven knowing that I am a good mom and wife.  Blah, blah blah...   No, really, blah, blah blah...  These are generic answers.  They are what you think everyone wants to hear.  When someone asks you this do you grin from ear to ear and say "I'm a mom!"  Well you are hopefully smiling but somewhere inside of you, you wish you could have said I'm a CEO or a doctor or a painter or singer or whatever that thing is that you loved to do, but gave up to become a mom.

Now for the fun part...you can!  It is all about your mindset.  It is all in how you look at what your life is and bing proud of the who you have become.  Why can't you be the CEO of (insert your last name) enterprises?  A private in home pediatrician?  A finger paint guru.  The nightingale of nursery rhymes.  Make it sound official, make it sound important because it is!  You are the most important thing to your immediate family.  You make the house hold decisions, you set the schedules, make their lunches/dinners, you run the errands and clean the house.  YOU are the CEO of your home so you are entitled to describe yourself that way.  By changing your mindset and allowing yourself to see that what you do is important, it serves a purpose, and that you aren't just going through the motions, will allow yourself to enjoy the every day activities a little more.  Plus, why not let others think you are crazy and spread the crazy to others.  Life is just much more fun that way.  

Something else that is so important, is to never loose yourself.  Being a mom can consume every ounce of us emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically.  We spend our days making sure that everyone around us is happy, that we forget to have fun ourselves.  Why do we do this?  Why do we think that we aren't allowed to do the things we love anymore?  If you have the answer to this I would love to know:)

So today write down the one thing you wish you never gave up and wish you would do again.  Show it to your husband, your kids, your best friends and then set up a date to do it!!  Life is too short for regrets, make sure others know what makes you happy too. 

Earn Your Results

Earn your results.  Such simple words, a rule that we all live by that we have been taught since we were children.  Wow, for some reason this really hit home for me today.  I was working out and my trainer (in my video) said don’t stop now, earn your results!  I have done this workout probably 8 times now and for some reason these words resonated with me more this morning then ever before.  Why?  Because I have earned these results!!  I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and pushed through limiting beliefs to earn the strength, confidence and energy that I have gained.  I have made small changes to my everyday routine in order to learn how to live a healthy well balanced life.  I have sincerely never been more proud of myself for doing this.  

This may sound so silly and stupid but how many of you have taken the easy way out of something?  How many of you have tried wrapping yourself in cellophane?  Bought crazy contraptions off the internet that promised to slim, tone and shrink your thighs, belly, waist?   Who has tried shakes and pills that are filled with artificial substances to help burn fat and build muscle?  Who has ever eliminated foods from their diet because society says that is what you should do?  Because it is the new Hollywood diet and the famous are all trying it?  Who purchased a gym membership in the beginning of the year only to use it for 1-2 months and complain that they can’t get out of the contract?  

ME, I HAVE!!!  I have done all the above.  I have purchased countless contraptions from infomercials, I have tried the wraps, the creams, the pills the juices.  I have gone dairy free and no carbs.  I have joined countless gyms.  The problem with all of this is it is not a lifestyle that you can maintain.  It is not a lifestyle that allows freedom.  It is not a lifestyle that provides support from others.  Most who try these will see some results but how do you maintain it?  Do you continue to have to purchase wraps, lotions, juices and pills?  Do you have to say no to the bread and pizza every time it is offered?  Do you eventually turn to a trainer and pay out the rear to hold yourself accountable?  No!  Of course you don’t.  You shouldn’t have to do that!  

As a mom I can look back on my life and recall all the times I cheated and lied to myself and others as I tried to take the easy way out.   We all did it.  But now, as a mom, I hear myself telling my boys that if they work hard, practice and keep trying that they will succeed.  I hear myself telling them that if they fall to get back up.  I tell them that loosing is a way to learn how to do better the next time.  I tell them that if they want to be better at something they have to stay consistent and practice.  These words have come out of my mouth.  I know that if you have kids you have said this too.  So why?  Why are we not setting the same example?  Why are we taking the easy way and not earning the results that we want to see?  

A fellow coach of mine has a challenger who has lost over 100 lbs!!  She went in for her annual doctors appointment and the nurse asked if she had gastric bypass surgery.  :(  This breaks my heart that society assumes that this is what we have to turn to.  That it isn’t feasible to loose that much weight without a medical procedure.  Well the proof is standing before you and offering you a life a freedom, a life without sacrifice and a life that can be maintained and EARNED!  

It isn’t always easy, but it is ALWAYS WORTH IT when the results speak for themselves.  

The things we take for granted someone else is praying for.

“The things we take for granted someone else is praying for.”

What an amazing way to think of the small things that we take for granted every day.  The things that we wake up to every morning, the things we never notice, the things that are common and expected in our everyday lives.  

I came across this quote in the car with my family as we headed out of town to escape the path of Hurricane Matthew.  It had me thinking about everything we had left behind.  The things that I wake up to every morning and go about my day never thinking twice about how lucky I am to have them.  The roof over my head, the couch I cuddle on with my children, the pantry stocked with food, the TV’s we indulge in and the everyday possessions that decorate our shelves.  These are all things that are replaceable.  Yes, they have meaning.  Yes, they have memories.  But the most important thing you wake up to every morning should be yourself and your family.  When was the last time you woke up thankful to be alive?  Thankful for you health?  I can not predict what Hurricane Matthew will do and the destruction he will leave but I do have control over my health.  I CAN control what I eat.  I CAN control my workouts.  I CAN control how much sleep I get.  These are all so vital to your health.  These are all things that we CAN do to ensure that we stay healthy and strong not only for ourselves but for our family.  

Our health, both mental and physical, should be our number one priority for ourselves.  With out this, you are not your best version of yourself and you are not your best version for others.  It doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have off days.  It doesn’t mean that you have to be in the best shape of your life.  It just means that you take actions to better yourself every day.  For me this means reading personal development and doing 30 minutes of exercise a day.  For others this could me a devotional a day and walking with a friend.  You never know what tomorrow will bring so make sure that today you are doing everything you can to be a better version of yourself. 

A friend of mine posted this today on Facebook and it is so true!


  1. Sunlight
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Self Confidence and 
  6. Friends                                                                                                                                      

Maintain them in all stages of Life and remain happy and healthy throughout your days. 

Don't Get Lost In Being A Mom!

Why is it that as moms we think that we can no longer take care of ourselves.  That our world revolves around our children and we are being selfish if we take a moment to do something we enjoy.  What does that teach our children?  What is that telling them?  Why are we so afraid to allow our children to “suffer” in a corner for 10-30 without constant entertainment or attention.  Are we afraid of the meltdown?  HELL YES we are!  But why??  Why do we allow ourselves to let them control us in this way?  Now, I am not saying that we don’t need to spend time with our children, to structure their days and make sure that they are learning and loving life, but when did we stop learning to love ours?

There is nothing greater then being a mom.  Watching the world through my children eyes is one of the biggest blessings anyone has ever bestowed upon me.  My boys surprise me everyday with their wit, their questions, their imagination, their ever changing personalities and facial expressions.  They also, annoy the shit out of me at times and that is OK.  It is OK to be annoyed with your own children, it is OK to want to take a break and walk away.  It is OK to scream into a pillow to allow yourself to let out steam and it is OK to start 5:00 happy hour at 4:00 some days:)  It is also OK to find something that you truly LOVE to do and allow yourself time to do it.  

Before you had kids what did you do with your time?  Did you like to go for walks, did you go to lunch with your girlfriends, did you travel more, did you play a sport?  What ever it was why did you stop?  Why did you allow having children stop you from doing the things that you enjoyed doing.  Now, here come the excuses…

1. You're too tired.

2. You're too busy.

3. You don’t have enough money.

4. You don’t have anyone to watch the kids? 

5. There is not enough time in the day. 

Now here come my rebuttals...

1. You are too tired because you have just spent your entire day catering to a husband/partner and your children, exhausting yourself of every ounce of patience and energy, and have not taken a single break for your self.   

2. You're not too busy, you just think you are, because you have structured your entire life around other peoples schedules and have forgotten to schedule yourself in. 

3. You don’t have the money because you have only budgeted for activities that revolve around your children.  It is important to have your children experience sports, music and other activities but you used to love playing tennis too remember??  Wouldn't it be great for your kids to see you enjoying sports too?  If you really sat down and looked over your budget I promise you can find enough for yourself. 

4. There are community nanny shares and friends (if you are willing to ask for help) who would gladly watch your children for an hour or two once or twice a week so you can get some you time.  Now, you may have to return the favor but I promise it is worth it:) 

5. It is not about having time, it is about making time.  Just that simple!  Wake up earlier to go for a walk, push the laundry off a day, literally write your "time" on the calendar and make it a non-negotiable.  Whatever it is, look at your schedule and make the time for yourself or ask for help.  Don’t be ashamed to have a family meeting about it, no one will ever know how you are feeling until you do.  

The bottom line is that your husband/partner, children, friends, they all want to see you happy.  No one ever wishes upon their family and friends an unhappy life.  But we can not wait around and expect it to happen.  Happiness is a state of being, so be yourself, do what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, surround yourself with positive people, make time for you and those who shine positivity in your life.  Become a better version of yourself by allowing yourself to enjoy life.  I promise the rest of the world will follow, and I promise no one will feel neglected except yourself.